Why do you need thumbnails?

need thumbnailsThumbnails are some of the most useful images on the internet — you can use these tiny images as forum avatars, pictures for your mobile phone, previews for a web gallery, product snapshots for an online store, and much, much more. ImageConverter Plus can convert any image you have into a multi-purpose thumbnail. And what’s more, their quality is guaranteed by ImageConverter Plus.

How do you make a thumbnail?

make a thumbnailWith ImageConverter Plus, you’re just one step away from perfect thumbnails. Simply use the software’s resizes function to turn your full-size images into thumbnails. Or take advantage of the easy interface to adapt your image before resizing it. Functions include Crop, Canvas and many other popular effects. Check out our video tutorial for batch conversion and other helpful hints!

Got lots of images?

thumbnailsImageConverter Plus is the perfect tool for creating unlimited batches of thumbnails — hundreds of images can be processed at once, even if they are located in multiple subfolders. Need to skip some images? Don’t worry, you can still use convenient batch processing! And with ImageConverter Plus, you can recreate the original folder structure of your source images, or choose to save thumbnails alongside their parent images and rename them according to your own customized rules. This feature is especially handy if you’re creating multiple thumbnails for the same image, since it lets you put the image size in the file name.

Want to save time?

Always preview your settings before resizing a large batch of images to avoid time-wasting mistakes. ImageConverter Plus gives you the flexibility to quickly preview any image in your batch. That means that if you are resizing images of different shapes and sizes you can preview samples and adjust your settings as needed.

Need to change proportions?

ImageConverter Plus has two handy tools for changing the proportions of your images: Fit in size and Fill in size. With ImageConverter Plus, you can create thumbnails of any proportions without distorting your image.